Founder, Developer, and World Traveler.

Open Source

  • rodeo - A static site generator, making NFT galleries.
  • next-lytics - Zero-config Analytics stack for Next.js that just works.
  • next-graphql - Zero-config GraphQL server for Next.js + Vercel serverless functions
  • react-src - Embeddable React apps via <script> tags
  • react-animated-conversation - Add an SMS animated conversation with one component


  • MintDrop — The Publishing Platform for NFTs
  • Rel — The backend framework for frontend developers
  • Best Restaurants Guide — The travelers guide to fine dining
  • Founderkit — Reviews and Recommendations from Leading Startup Founders

Merit Badges

🛩ī¸ Commercial Pilot + IR, TW, HP

🍷 Court of Sommeliers — Level 1

⚜ī¸ Eagle Scout